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by Virus-20

It was summertime on the great peaceful island in the south known as South Island; the weather was nice, warm and sunny.

Amy Rose was skipping around near the beach, walking through the grassy fields outside of the sands.  “What a wonderful day,” she said to herself, “the breeze coming from the ocean, the flowers are blooming, and the sky’s all blue and beautiful.” Unfortunately, she didn’t bother to notice the ledge at the end of her path. Putting one wrong foot over, Amy ended up falling off the ledge, and down into the sand below.

“Oof! Wow, I didn’t see that small cliff right there,” Amy remarked, “Well, I better climb back up.” Before she started climbing up, however, her eyes caught something in the sand. Amy walked over to the sand, and started to dig up the object. After a few minutes of digging, Amy finally uncovered the object, and she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Amy seemed to have found what appeared to be chaos emeralds, but they looked nothing compared to the chaos emeralds she knew; these chaos emeralds were all round and spherical. “These look like chaos emeralds; but not the ones I know that my dear Sonic uses,” she observed, trying to figure out what kind of emeralds they were.  Suddenly she was struck with an idea. “I know! If this emerald works just like Sonic’s emeralds, then I can be as fast as Super Sonic and be able to catch him. I wonder where the rest are…?”

Amy started searching the entire beach from top to bottom, eventually finding emeralds in various spots, buried in the sand. Like the first one she had found, they were all bright, shiny and round. Now that she had all 7, she figured she’d give her transformation a try. “So let’s see… I think to do this, you need to place them in a circle and then become one with the emeralds. Well…here we go.”  As Amy placed them all together in a circle around her, the round emeralds began to flash and float in the air. They turned into energy and phased into Amy’s body, causing her to glow until she was a very bright gold colour, just like Super Sonic.

Amy took a good look at herself in the water after the transformation finished. “Wow, I’m so beautiful! I can’t wait to show my darling Sonic what I found and became.” But Amy’s transformation was only partially finished. As she started walking to the edge that she had fallen off of, she was unaware that her rump was starting to grow from the bottom of her dress. It grew fatter and wider until it started to touch the sand. Amy soon felt herself dragging that large hedgehog butt on the sand as she was walking, and looked down, in time to see herself bloating up. She tried to run, but the fat was already taking its place, as her legs grew thicker to support her expanding behind. Pretty soon, Amy’s lower part was medium size while her whole lower bottom was showing from bellow, exposing her panties. As she stopped from exhaustion, Amy noticed she was bloating up everywhere else as well; her arms were starting to grow like tree trunks, while her breasts were expanding like balloons, her dress started to rise up as the hem separated from her panties to the air, and her giant rump grew along with her two big legs supporting it as her white cotton underwear was showing off to the world. As soon as she stopped, she was now a big pear shaped pink hedgehog in the sand near the beach. “This is awful!” She cried, “I’m so fat and heavy but I’m still in super form. I better get out of here and find Sonic.”

Amy wobbled left and right as her giant panty-clad rear dragged through the sand and her two tree trunk legs moved left and right.  She managed to get to the ledge where she fell from and started to climb; she barley grabbed onto the top ledge, when she fell onto her big butt.

A dark chao, meanwhile, was walking towards the edge, when he noticed the enormous pink hedgehog below. Taking one look, it suddenly climbed up to the top of a nearby tree, and threw down a vine for Amy to climb up on.

Amy noticed the vine descending towards her and grabbed it to pull herself up. Thankfully, the vine was strong enough to support Amy’s weight, allowing her to reach back to the ledge. Thankfull that she finally made it, Amy was about to continue on, when she realized that she was quite hungry, not having lunch yet. As luck would have it, there was a coconut tree nearby, so she waddled her way over to get some.

As soon as Amy was at the base of the tree, she started to climb up; her huge lower back side was giving the most weight, causing the tree to bend heavily, which made retrieving the coconuts easier. But once she had reached the coconuts, cracked them open and started to eat what was inside, Amy began to balloon up once again, , with her bottom growing bigger than before, along with her belly.

After Amy had finished, she looked behind, only to see one of Eggman’s monkey badniks, “Coconuts,” obviously placed there by Eggman to fight Sonic. Amy, however, wasn’t Sonic and didn’t want to fight right now, so she ran off the tree, the absence of her weight causing the tree to bend back to its original position. However, the top of the coconut tree caught the waistband of Amy’s white cotton panties. As Amy continued to run, her underwear started to stretch out, revealing her bare golden rump to Coconuts, who had climbed up the tree and started to pelt Amy’s head with his coconuts, which started to pile into Amy’s stretching panties, which held them in like a pouch. Finally the elastic panty waistband snapped from the treetop, snapping the treetop back to it’s original shape, but also sending Coconuts flying into the sky. Amy didn’t feel any pain when her panty snapped back onto her big round rump, now full of coconuts.

Amy started walking through the forest area, noticing that almost every tree was growing colourful fresh fruit. Still hungry, even after the coconuts, Amy started to pluck the fruit off of the trees, which wasn’t so difficult given her size. Sure enough, Amy’s frame began to expand once again; now her cheeks were puffing out as well, as her arms grew thicker than before. Her already large bottom was bulging up even larger than before, along with her legs. She tried to pull down her rising dress, but it could barely cover her gigantic golden belly.

After she finished eating, Amy sat down in front of a tree to relax. Her tree trunk legs and giant panty rump were almost covering the whole floor. Amy’s relaxation didn’t last long as saw another threat; a bunch of Eggman’s Crabmeat robots were all staring at her ad snapping there pincers. “Oh no! Crabmeats!” She yelled as she got off of her rump to her legs and started running with shaky steps. She ran and ran as the Crabmeats were hot on her trail and rump.

Amy darted into a big cave to escape, but she was so huge that her gigantic butt became stuck in the entrance, her white panties flashing out all over and her fat legs flailing about. Amy pulled her upper body as much as she could, to squeeze out. Outside, the Crabmeats were pinching Amy’s fat butt, but caused her zero pain. In fact, given her super form, the Crabmeats were breaking their pincers trying to pinch Amy. They soon gave up and retreated.

Finally, Amy put her two giant legs to the sides of the cave entrance and started pulling herself put. She kept pulling and pulling until she finally popped out, landing on her fat behind once again. “Wow,” Amy started to realize, “I wasn’t thrilled about being so big…but the invincibility that comes with it more than makes up for it!” She said to herself with excitement.

Amy wobbled over to the meadow, when a Burrowbot popped up from the ground, seeming intent on attacking Amy, like it would with Sonic. Amy, however, had other ideas, as she jumped up and smashed the hapless badnick with her giant super rump, getting up to see the smashed robot stuck to her rump. “Let this be a lesson to you; you don’t mess with super Amy!” She said, walking away with pride in her as pieces of the robot falling off her butt little by little.

Later, that day, Amy was currently triple her previous size as she came out of the forest from another meal, starting to feel a little heavy all over. She bent over, standing on her fat legs AND arms, and walked on all fours, her butt sticking straight up into the air as she kept on walking, until she spotted her hero, Sonic the Hedgehog over yonder.

Sonic, meanwhile, was lying out on his fold out chair, getting some rays from the summer sun on his face. He was enjoying his moment of relaxation, when a huge shadow loomed over him, blocking the sun. “What the heck? What’s going on? Is there a eclipse or something?” Sonic said out loud as he removed his sunglasses, seeing nothing but white in front of him growing in and out like it was breathing. He looked up a little more and couldn’t believe what he just saw! “Amy? Is that you?” Sonic asked in a confused tone as he looked up the colossal golden hedgehog.

“Hi sonic! How do you like me now?”  Amy asked as she turned around revealing her giant rump at him as she bent over for him.

“You look big! HUGE, even!” Sonic said. “And kinda cute…” He muttered with a blush, but Amy managed to hear him.

‘Hehe…so he thinks I’m cute like this, huh?’ Amy thought with glee. “I know… I’m very big and powerful, just like your super form!” As soon as Amy turned around to hug Sonic, her huge butt smashed him off his chair by mistake. “Sonic? Sonic, where are you?” Amy looked around for Sonic, when she heard a muffled sound behind her, finding her butt against a tree, and Sonic in between. “Uh oh!” Amy quickly waddled away from the tree, to find Sonic smooshed against her fat panty-clad butt. “Whoops! Sorry Sonic…” Amy giggled nervously.

Sonic, didn’t mind however, as he was pressed against a nice soft hedgehog girl butt, much to his delight. “H-Heaven…” He mumbled with a goofy grin, giving Amy’s butt a soft snuggle.

While Sonic was on the bottom, however, the little dark chao from before was on the very top, sitting on Amy’s rump, which was almost like a small moon to him. He plodded over, just to hug Amy’s fat tail which was as big as him.

The End.
Sonic Fanfic by me

Editting by :iconzero-cross:

Amy Rose copyright of SEGA
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